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CoinDesk in the press

DealCrunchFrom Investments to E-Commerce: CoinDesk Keeps Readers Current on Bitcoin Marketplace Trends and Blockchain Technology
Digital Currency News & Analysis Provider CoinDesk Discusses the Continuing Evolution of Blockchain Technology and the Growing Viability of Bitcoin
Bitcoin has burst, but could still revolutionise banking
BBC World Service interview, joined by Benjamin Lawsky from New York’s Department of Financial Services (bitcoin segment starts at 07:30)
How Much Is a Bitcoin Worth? Let Google Tell You
Investors Are Plowing Into European Bitcoin Firms Faster Than Any Other Region In The World
This week in bitcoin: VC investment is up and shows no signs of stopping after Xapo
List of Potential Bitcoin Bidders Is Accidentally Released
Ka-ching! U.S. government auctioning off stash of confiscated bitcoins
US government leaks names of potential Bitcoin buyers
Serial entrepreneur Shakil Khan on the future of cryptocurrencies
Expedia to accept Bitcoin payments for hotel bookings
Bitcoin is back: Price quietly jumps 80%
Bitcoin gets green light for Apple’s app store
Here’s why 2014 could still prove a great year for Bitcoin bugs
Keep up with Bitcoin news and get price alerts with CoinDesk’s new iOS app
Jeremy Bonney expects more “formal guidance” on bitcoin to be issued by governments this year.
Shakil Khan, said well-run Bitcoin startups are bound to be wooed by multiple venture backers.
BitBeat: Coindesk Index Finds a Mt. Gox Replacement
The website’s state of Bitcoin report says Litecoin mining is more accessible as it only requires a low-end graphics card
CoinDesk have provided the 30,000-foot view with the release of their first annual “State of Bitcoin” report
How far has Bitcoin come in the past year? this report tells all
(Almost) Everything You Want to Know About Bitcoin, in One Report
Bitcoin: MtGox exchange goes offline
Bitcoin Turmoil After Mt Gox Exchange ‘Theft’
Largest bitcoin exchange goes offline
Bitcoin plunges after marketplace indefinitely halts withdrawals
Bitcoin Tumbles Another 20% as Exchange Blames Bug
Bitcoin plunges on Japan exchange halt
Why nobody can withdraw bitcoins from one of the currency’s largest exchanges
Trouble on Mt. Gox: ‘Another nail in the coffin’ as Bitcoin’s oldest exchange suspends payouts
Bitcoin Bug Prompts Pricing Freefall
Why Singapore doesn’t need Bitcoin
Struggling US Postal Service looks to bitcoin for new revenue
Bitcoin Is the Latest Plot to Save the Post Office
Apple removes Blockchain bitcoin wallet from app store
US makes Bitcoin exchange arrests after Silk Road closure
Has Canada Put a Question Mark Over the Bitcoin?
Influential Bitcoin exchange BTC China begins accepting Renminbi deposits after 6-week block
Bitcoin exchange BTC China starts accepting deposits again
China Bitcoin Exchange Restores Deposit Facility
BTC China Starts Accepting Deposits In Chinese Yuan Again
Bitcoin Spike: Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Bathwater
Bitcoin No Bargain as 47% of Investors Go Bearish in Poll
eBay to allow Bitcoin sales in ‘virtual currency’ category
Bitcoin Targets Giants Visa to JPMorgan With Lower-Cost Payments
U.K. Weighs How to Tax Dealings in Bitcoin
Texas medical clinic accepts BITCOIN as a form of payment
Canada Says Bitcoin Isn’t Legal Tender
Singapore figured out how to tax bitcoin—treat it like a product, not money
Kanye West-inspired currency ‘to launch soon’
Bitcoin sinks after China restricts yuan exchanges
That Giant Bitcoin Crash in the Wake of China Restrictions? It Never Happened.
Bitcoin Tanks After China Cracks Down On Exchanges
Bitcoin in freefall: Value of virtual currency dropping after China questions its legal status
Bitcoin Buys Burgers to Beer as Shoppers Go Virtual
itBit, a NASDAQ-powered Bitcoin currency exchange, raises $3.25m in funding
The Future Of Bitcoin Will Depend On Upcoming Startups, Regulatory Issues And China
Bitcoin: Price V Hype
The ‘Bitcoin Consumer Price Index’ Shows Massive Deflation
World powers react to the Bitcoin boom
Bitcoin Price Soars as the Senate Mulls Regulating the Cryptocurrency
‘Bitcoin is broken’, researchers warn
Bitcoin Index Seeks Clearer Value Picture
What’s a Bitcoin Really Worth? CoinDesk Thinks It Has the Answer.
Bitcoin Price Plummets after Silk Road Closure
Baffled by the world of Bitcoin? This beginner’s guide will tell you everything you need to know
Can Bitcoin make a good first impression with top federal agencies?
6 New Bitcoin Educational Resources
Angel Investor, Spotify Fixer Shakil Khan Launches Coindesk, A Bitcoin Resource