Bitcoin Price Index (24h)

Last updated on Apr 27, 2015 at 13:02 BST. Based on the following values:

BTC-e $215.74
Bitstamp $218.58
OKCoin $216.60
Bitfinex $218.54
LakeBTC $219.58
BTC China ¥1,349.57
OKCoin ¥1,349.55
Huobi ¥1,349.52

USD -0.46%


CNY -0.34%






Ryan Galt

Ryan is an entrepreneur and former venture capitalist who makes the business case for Bitcoin on its journey from speculative investment to world-changing utility. He is also the non-technical cofounder of two separate bitcoin ventures and considers himself more opinionated than his IQ warrants, hence his blog moniker "The Two-Bit Idiot."

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