(Giovanni Calia/Unsplash)
This Bitcoin Halving Is Different. But Is It 'Priced In'?

Institutions launching bitcoin ETFs this year have buoyed the bitcoin price to record levels. Does that mean the impact of the halving — the four-year slashing of the bitcoin...

Avail co-founders Anurag Arjun and Prabal Banarjee (Avail)
Avail Confirms Token Airdrop Plans, a Week After Leaked Screenshots

Avail shared in a blog post that 354,605 wallet addresses are eligible to claim the 600 million tokens in their “unification drop.”

Apr 18, 2024
Union Labs team (Union Labs)
Union Labs Plans Polygon-to-Cosmos Bridge with New AggLayer Integration

The new technology from Union Labs comes after the blockchain interoperability project raised $4 million in November.

Apr 18, 2024



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