William Mougayar Joins Consensus 2016 Team, Cancels Business Blockchain Conference

Feb 23, 2016 at 17:00 UTC

We are excited to announce that William Mougayar, a well-known blockchain thought leader and author, will join the Consensus 2016 team to help further strengthen the agenda and session content.

Mougayar is cancelling his planned conference, "The Business Blockchain", originally scheduled for 19th to 20th April in Toronto, to consolidate efforts with the Consensus team and enhance that set of Business Track sessions.

The focus of The Business Blockchain conference was to be centered on use cases and implementation lessons, and many of these same themes will carry over to Consensus 2016 sessions.

Mougayar said:

"It made a lot of sense to merge my efforts of building a conference around use cases and blockchain practitioners into Consensus 2016 in New York. I'm very pleased to be working with the CoinDesk team to help them produce the premiere conference in the blockchain space."

More than 20 industry CEOs will be speaking at Consensus 2016, including Blythe Masters (Digital Asset Holdings), Jeremy Allaire (Circle Internet Financial) and Chris Larsen (Ripple).  

In addition, the team plans to announce several high profile keynote speakers from the investment community and government next week.

Consensus 2016 will feature more than 20 track sessions across its business, tech, and policy tracks.

In addition, Mougayar, author of the upcoming book, The Business Blockchain, will moderate an invite-only, 90-minute banking roundtable during the final day of Consensus 2016, during which time a special group of leading financial services executives will discuss their internal initiatives surrounding blockchain technology.

For more details on Consensus 2016, visit our full event website here.

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