[SPONSORED] A Look Ahead at Top Compliance Trends in Crypto for 2023

Putting guardrails on digital currency is not a new concept, however, with the growth of the cryptocurrency industry, the onset of the Crypto Winter, and certain widespread abuses such as money laundering, the U.S. government is working to put in place legislation to curtail risk and protect consumers.

Governments in other regions have taken significant positions, such as China’s complete ban on cryptocurrency, and N. Korea’s nefarious use of cryptocurrency to evade sanctions. In addition, the EU will be voting on legislation in February.

A panel of crypto compliance experts will discuss the evolution of compliance in virtual currencies, various governments’ approaches, and coming trends in compliance that will be shaping the crypto currency and Web3 industries in the coming year.

Key topics to be covered include:

-How government oversight for crypto has evolved over the past decade

-What is the role of government in regulating virtual currencies

-The current state of legislation for crypto in the U.S. and other regions

-U.S. legislation outlook and its impact on the industry and consumers