[SPONSORED] Empowering the Next Generation of Blockchain Leaders

What does the future of blockchain development look like for investors, developers, and the next generation? H.E. Justin Sun shares important lessons drawn from his personal experience investing in blockchain and crypto projects globally. In this webinar, he offers an inside look at:

-His vision to empower the next generation of Blockchain Leaders through TRON Academy, TRON DAO Ventures and the recent brand upgrade of Huobi

-How TRON DAO Ventures aims to help investors overcome potential challenges

-His work bringing together some of the brightest, young minds in blockchain development on Harvard University’s campus and lessons learned from the first-ever Hacker House hosted by TRON Academy at Harvard’s Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning

-Huobi’s brand upgrade and future blockchain benefits by giving voting rights back to the community so that users can have a say in the decisions that impact them the most.