Enterprise Blockchain: The Path to Monetization

As the blockchain industry continues to develop and best practices become established, companies and networks can learn from the setbacks and successes of others. Hear from enterprise executives, consortium leaders and industry economists about challenges, opportunities, and how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted their efforts towards the path to monetization. Part one of two.Featuring: Mark Treshock, Global Leader for Blockchain Solutions, IBMMeyrick Vaz, VP, Strategic Market Partnerships, UnitedHealthcareCiaran McGowan,CEO, we.trade Innovation DACMariana Gomez de la Villa, DLT Global Program Manager, ING BankDaniel Wilson, Head of Strategy and Operations, TradeLensOlaf Ransome, Industry Solutions Advisor, Fnality InternationalDavid Post, Managing Director, IBM Blockchain Ventures and Trust Your SupplierGuido Molinari, Managing Partner, Prysm GroupDemetrio Migliorati, Innovation Manager & Head of Blockchain, Banca MediolanumShyam Nagarajan, Director and Partner, IBM Blockchain NetworksChen Zur, Partner – US Blockchain Practice Leader, EYAdam Caplan, SVP, Emerging Technology, SalesforceReed Cataldo, Founding Partner, Prysm GroupRiccardo Trubiani, Business Manager – Strategy and Planning Lead, Microsoft ItalyDr. Cathy Barrera, Founding Economist, Prysm Group