Sponsored Session: Investigating Emerging Markets

DCG's Casey Taylor helps members of the Digital Currency Group download the latest information on emerging markets.

"It just so happens, not coincidentally, that all of today's panelists are operating on what we would categorize as emerging market," she said. "And so from our view, emerging markets have long felt like a really fertile ground for crypto adoption. They have large, young populations that have readily adopted and embraced mobile money."

Further, DCG's investments, including BitOasis, focus on areas where fintech expansion is stymied.

"The reasons for this are by and large, weak financial infrastructure, which has resulted and large unbanked populations," she said. "All of that persists today and continues to drive cut consumers in the emerging markets to look for new, cheap and reliable homes for their cash."

The panel includes Marcus Swanepoel of Luno, Ola Doudin, Co-Founder/CEO of BitOasis, and Elizabeth Rossiello of Bitpesa.