Going Live: Vicarious Learning for Blockchain Deployment - Hosted by World Economic Forum

Who says blockchain has no use cases outside of bitcoin? WEF breaks down its cross-industry findings into the state of blockchain deployment and shares the critical lessons learned. 100+ organizations. 40+ use cases. 50+ countries.

"The trust is at an all time low," said the WEF's Nadia Hewitt. "With over the last few months, we've really seen that weaknesses in systems are surfacing at the World Economic Forum. We've seen an increased interest in the ability of Blockchain technology to build trust back into systems. We have a responsibility to share and make the world aware of the benefits and potential that the technology has to build trust, resilience and transparency back into systems."

Join Nadia Hewitt, Michael J. Casey, Sheila Warren, Linda Pawczuk, Aya Miyaguchi, Jenny Cieplak and Nicolas Verschelden in this special presentation.