365 Decred Days

Decred’s Foundations program starts with Construct, where Richard Red checks in with developers on some of Decred’s most exciting sub-projects. Luke Powell gives an update on Politeia, which is the basis for the Decred proposals site and contractor management system. Matheus Degiovanni gives the latest on the Decred Lightning Network, catching up with Bitcoin’s lnd development and scoping out the areas where Decred’s LN can go that Bitcoin’s cannot. Jon Chappelow (chappjc) and Brian Stafford (buck), who lead development on dcrdex and dcrdata, check in to explain what’s going on with those projects.Then it’s a short interlude with Checkmate on DCR metrics in Trade Secrets, before the main ChangeLog presentation from Decred project’s lead organizer Jake Yocom-Piatt. In this session, co-founder and lead project organizer Jake Yocom-Piatt delivers a presentation covering the highlights of the last year. Jake reviews the consensus rules changes that have been approved and activated by Decred stakeholders over the last year, which have served to better support the Lightning Network and Simplified Payment Verification. The presentation also covers the adoption of these improvements in the Decrediton GUI wallet and mobile wallets, bringing new levels of security and privacy to the latter. Concluding the presentation, there is some discussion of Decreed Treasury spending and what’s coming up next. The presentation is followed by a Q&A with Lucas Nuzzi of Coinmetrics to conclude the program.