Blockstack Changelog

Muneeb Ali, Blockstack Co-founder, covers recent highlights, project progress, and takes questions about the project. First, Brittany Laughlin will share a new update with the Consensus community and then join Xan Ditkoff for a “Deeper Dive on Proof of Transfer ‘PoX.'” Proof of Transfer ‘PoX’, is a proposed design that uses Bitcoin’s Proof of Work ‘PoW’ to launch new blockchains that are anchored in Bitcoin’s security. Instead of relying on its own proof of work, miners under PoX commit Bitcoin (BTC), which circulates in the ecosystem. Xan Ditkoff will also cover the Stackulator – find out what you could earn by locking up your Stacks Token with a Stacking Calculator. Finally, Hank Stoever, Engineering Partner at Blockstack, will demo Clarity, Blockstack’s smart contract language designed from the ground up to reduce bugs and behave predictably. It provides native functions that make it easy for developers to create complex smart contracts while protecting users at every step. Clarity provides precise tools for enabling on-chain logic while reducing unintentional errors.