The Kings of Crypto: An Inside Look at the History of Coinbase

Author Jeff John Roberts is joined by Fred Ehrsam to talk about the rise of CoinBase and Ehrsam's experience in crypto. Fred Ehrsam, who co-founded Coinbase, said that crypto has been good to him.

"I feel like as somebody who works in crypto, we're pretty lucky in this time," he said. "I feel like crypto has been working remotely for 10 years. It's digital in nature, and it has the strongest narrative tail winds. Given the unprecedented fiscal and monetary stimulus for seeing in the world that I could remember and its history. So the if all that goes into how does Fred experience day to day life? It's been pretty great."

Erhsam also mused on the early days of crypto.

"It was borderline impossible to raise money from a Y Combinator crowd which prides itself on being contrarian," he said, talking about Coinbase's founding. "So I would say lean into your intuition, and what you think is going to be valuable for the creep crypto ecosystem five years from now, not what might happen to be hot today."