The Breakdown: How We Game and Entertain Now, With Kathleen Breitman

There is a shared sense that the world has shifted. Now begins the messy work of figuring out what it means for the future we’re headed into. This live episode of The Breakdown podcast with NLW features Kathleen Breitman of Coase and Tezos to talk about gaming in this new era.

In this interview Breitman and NLW talk about the rise of digital gaming on the blockchain as it connects to the history of collectables. She feels that gamers want get real value out of these games but that they also want to be social.

"If you go to a magic convention, I think this people just really want to play with the cards and being able to trade and be people and kind of make friends to some extent," said Breitman. "I mean, Fortnight now has 350 million players, which is insane. You know, the people don't just come for the game itself. They also come to be with their friends that could come to show off."