Recent Updates With the Libra Project

A lot has changed since Libra was first announced almost a year ago. From the composition of the Association to the composition of the Libra token itself. What kept on growing throughout the year was the community and developments by companies and individuals from all over the world. In this session, Ran Goldi of First Digital Asset covers the main changes announced in the new whitepaper and joined by TM Lee of CoinGecko for a Q&A session.

Following the Q&A, Ran interviews two companies that are actively working on Libra related developments - Dapper Labs, which recently announced its cooperation with Libra, and Fireblocks, one of the leading institutional wallet providers, who has integrated the new Blockchain into its platform.

Important note: this session is delivered by active participants in the Libra developer community, and NOT by the Libra Association. The moderatos and participants in the session are expressing their own views, not the views of the Libra Association or any party related to it.