How Spencer Dinwiddie Wants to Turn Athletes Into Businesses

NBA player Spencer Dinwiddie joins CoinDesk’s Zack Seward and Leigh Cuen to discuss on of the most exciting avenues towards mass adoption: tokenized contracts involving celebrities.

The idea is: Dinwiddie will offer a regulated securities investment tied to his NBA contract and performance as an athlete. A long process to get here, Dinwiddie said the NBA is a “legacy system” that pushed back on his scheme at first. Though they’ve come around to what is essentially a trial of the plan.

“The whole purpose behind this is that anyone with public to semi-public cash flows and a fan base can participate,” Dinwiddie said. “I envision a world where Kevin Hart-token can trade for a Lebron James token, which can trade for a Serina Williams token. Because we’re all our own business, each token will have its own perks attached to it.”

He mentioned dividends, future values or asymmetrical yield curves, the ability to travel with celebrities, specifically.