Foundations: VentureDAO

The ICO and token boom of 2016–2018 demonstrated the power of blockchains to collect assets to fund innovation. It pointed towards a future of a permissionless, global Silicon Valley. The LAO, and other for-profit ventures, are the next steps towards this evolution. With Web2 we had Twitter and Reddit which brought communities together in forums around the globe. However, the next phase will include global human connections through complex financial activities, using Ethereum, to create decentralized organizations, like The LAO. Today, Aaron Wright, co-founder and CEO of OpenLaw, spearheading the project, will discuss the mechanics of this with The LAO launch on April 28th. Venture DAOs can change how capital is pooled and how projects are funded. Industrialization brought us the corporation and joint-stock companies. Web3 will be anchored by millions of DAOs, pooling capital and allocating it like water. Jonas Lamis, founder and CEO of StakerDAO, often talks about his belief that every asset will be managed on blockchains, and that DAOs are an essential tool to decentralize organizational management, yet they also need to provide incentives for participants to collaborate. This is the time to uncover the future of finance, with venture DAOs. First, we break down the technical progress of The LAO and future roadmap post launch with Aaron Wright and Priyanka Desai of The LAO & OpenLaw. Finally we focus on unpacking other structures and for-profit governance structures with: Aaron Wright, Co-founder of The LAO & OpenLaw Peter Pan, leading Metalcartel Ventures Jonas Lamis, Founder & CEO of StakerDAO