Foundations: DeFi Deep Dive

DeFi (decentralized finance) exploded to over $1 billion in value deposited in DeFi applications over the last year. Learn why DeFi became the most recognized killer use case for Ethereum and this pandemic has only accelerated the urgency for DeFi. We begin the program with "Defying Traditional Finance" with Ryan Adams of Mythos Capital. Next we have "DeFi Against Censorship" and Tyranny with Mariano Conti, Simon Lapscher, interviewed by Cami Russo.

DeFi is designed to be accessible for everyone while saving time and money compared to legacy finance. Learn about the greater purpose DeFi serves circumventing authoritarian governments and capital controls to store and grow wealth.

Finally we talk about "Playing with Money Legos and Why They Keep Growing in Number" with Spencer Noon, Bradley Miles, Anthony Sassano, interviewed by DeFi Dad.
The growth behind DeFi can be partially attributed to what's referred to as composability. Learn about the different categories of "money legos" that are enabling a flywheel for more DeFi applications to grow and build on top of one another.