Foundations: Chainlink

Join Sergey Nazarov present The Importance and Evolution of Oracles as a Critical Part of the Decentralized Stack In this talk, he covers how oracles have already accelerated the growth of DeFi, decentralized insurance, and many other smart contracts, and why they play such a critical role in the continued evolution of smart contracts beyond tokenization. He also examines the key considerations that users need to take on when choosing an oracle mechanism, as well as examining key new developments for how oracles are now successfully evolving into a critical piece of smart contract infrastructure. Sergey is joined by Bobby Ong of CoinGecko for a Q&A session.

The session concludes with a panel moderated by Sergey Nazarov on How Oracles Will Skyrocket DeFi’s Growth.

Join Kain Wawick of Synthetix, Alex Mashinsky of Celsius and Hugh Karp of Nexus Mutual examine what makes a secure oracle mechanism reliable enough to be trusted by the already live DeFi smart contracts that are successfully securing hundreds of millions of dollars.