Jul 8, 2024

Chris Hermida, the co-founder of Switchboard and a former analyst at Circle, breaks down the nuances between stablecoins and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

Video transcript

Do you think? Um I guess in that example you just gave are CBD, cs and stablecoins almost one and the same in the future that you envision for stablecoins. Not quite right. I think there's, there's a bit of nuance but for purposes of just building stablecoin first infrastructure, um it has similar ramifications. Um And you know, the, the example I would give is if you can pay, for example, let's say your taxes and stable coins, does it really matter if it's a CBD C or if it's say us DC? I think the end user isn't really going to care as much about that distinction versus sort of crypto natives. We care about the distinction as do many others, but for purposes of it, you know, I think it's more just about the adoption and seeing those rails be implemented more and more in our day to day lives.

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