Bitcoin and the Beauty Industry With Michelle Phan and Alex Adelman

Beauty mogul Michelle Phan and Lolli founder Alex Adelman join Consensus: Distributed about making bitcoin a central point of their businesses.

“When I first started on YouTube, in the beauty space there was a lot of mystery behind beauty,” compared the amount of educated consumers today, Phan said. “I see the same thing happening today in the crypto space.”

“We’re in interesting historic times,” she said, referencing the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented money printing spree. “People are questioning what money is and what money means to them, and the more they question… the more they will be interested in sound money like bitcoin,” Phan said.

The decentralization of money is a continuation of the same process that saw YouTube decentralize content. It’s why Phan, along with Peter Thiel and Ashton Kutcher, have recently invested in the Bitcoin payments startup Lolli.