The Chainsmokers, Mantis VC and Stillmark on Innovation in the Music World

CoinDesk’s Pete Pachal talks with the Chainsmokers and their VC fund, Mantis about the music biz. In this wide-ranging interview, the band talks about their vision for investment. When asked what they were working on, the duo talked about their new platform, YellowHeart. “I think a lot of it had to do with the user experience at shows,” said the Chainsmoker’s Alex Pall. “You know, that could be buying merch from your seats, which we thought was a really interesting idea. Um, also, the secondary market aspect of selling your ticket through YellowHeart. Originally, the Blockchain was created to always keep your track record of the ticket and make sure that the money is distributed to the fan, to the artist, into the promoter and whatever way we saw fit. But then we were also like, let’s create a secondary market platform within YellowHeart that you can actually sell your ticket on.” The pair talked about investing in startup projects. “The interest has been palpable,” said the other Chainsmoker, Drew Taggart.