Meat Giant JBS Admits It Paid $11M in Ransom in Cyber Attack; El Salvador Explores Volcanic-Powered Bitcoin Mining and More

"The Hash" tackles today's hot topics, quite literally, looking at volcano-powered bitcoin mining. This unusual idea is now state policy in El Salvador. Global banking regulations are also heating up for cryptocurrencies as more companies disclose bitcoin ransomware attacks. Plus, game company Dapper Labs unveils a new dollar-backed stablecoin. And, you can buy more things with crypto these days, but should you?

Co-hosts Zack Seward, Naomi Brockwell, Will Foxley, Jennifer Sanasie, and Benjamin Powers choose five of the day’s big stories to hash out, analyze and help connect the dots on why these stories matter to the crypto world. With a personality-driven, fast-paced, entertaining format, the show is geared toward the mainstream, discovery audience with themes ranging from serious to fun.

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