What’s Driving GameStop’s Expansion Into NFT and Crypto Markets? Why Is Antivirus Software Company Norton Installing a Crypto Mining Feature on Computers?

"The Hash" team discusses today's top stories: GameStop is entering the non-fungible token (NFT) and crypto markets as part of a turn-around plan, and antivirus software company Norton is being criticized for adding a difficult-to-remove cryptocurrency mining software called Norton Crypto to its Norton 360 antivirus software suite. Plus, latest on the Kazakhstan protests and their impact on the crypto mining industry.

Co-hosts Zack Seward, Naomi Brockwell, Will Foxley, and Jennifer Sanasie choose five of the day’s big stories to hash out, analyze and help connect the dots on why these stories matter to the crypto world. With a personality-driven, fast-paced, entertaining format, the show is geared toward the mainstream, discovery audience with themes ranging from serious to fun.