Is Moxie Marlinspike Right About Web 3? What Are the Key Revelation from CoinDesk’s “Mnuchin Files” Investigation Report?

"The Hash" hosts discuss today's hot topics ranging from Signal founder Moxie Marlinspike's resignation as CEO to the key findings from CoinDesk's "Mnuchin Files" investigative report, which suggested Jared Kushner was an advocate for a U.S. digital currency during the Trump administration.

Co-hosts Zack Seward, Naomi Brockwell, Will Foxley, and Jennifer Sanasie choose five of the day’s big stories to hash out, analyze and help connect the dots on why these stories matter to the crypto world. With a personality-driven, fast-paced, entertaining format, the show is geared toward the mainstream, discovery audience with themes ranging from serious to fun.