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Zcash Trademark Talks Were About More Than a Logo

| Leigh Cuen

Can an altcoin outgrow its founders? A new agreement between Electric Coin Company and the Zcash Foundation could be a good first step.

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You Can Now Prove a Whole Blockchain With One Math Problem – Really

| William Foxley

According to Electric Coin Company research, you can prove the whole bitcoin blockchain in less space than a bitcoin blockhead, only 80-bytes of…

Zooko Wilcox Pushes for New Developer Fund to Support Zcash

| Daniel Palmer

Zcash founder Zooko Wilcox has called for the creation of a new "Dev Fund" to support the operations of the privacy-focused cryptocurrency.

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Monero and Zcash Conferences Showcase Their Differences (And Links)

| Leigh Cuen

The future of privacy coins relies on technologists getting the governance setup right. Here are both sides of the zcash debate.

What Does Crypto Care if Zooko Is a Millionaire?

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

The creator of zcash has prompted controversy after revealing details about his salary at a conference focused on the privacy-centric blockchain tech.

Whitfield Diffie Talks Cryptography ‘Resurgence’ and Blockchain

| Marc Hochstein

A pioneer of public-key cryptography said the blockchain boom represents a "resurgence" of the work he helped start in the 1970s.

Zcash Privacy Weakened by Certain Behaviors, Researchers Say

| David Floyd

Patterns in usage have allowed four researchers to link many supposedly private zcash transactions to mining pools and founders. Zcash has responded.

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2016: The Year Zcash Entered Blockchain’s History Books

| Nolan Bauerle

Researcher Nolan Bauerle looks at Zcash, its privacy-powered blockchain technology and how he believes it could empower economics in the future.

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Zcash and the Art of Security Theater

| Michael del Castillo

As bitcoin core developer Peter Todd published his role in helping create the Zcash cryptocurrency doubt is cast on the system's "trustless setup."


With Zcash Launch, Blockchain Enters the Age of Anonymity

| Michael del Castillo

The mining of the Zcash genesis block formally kicks off an entirely new blockchain – and what could be a burgeoning ecosystem of companies.