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WATCH: ‘Big Four’ Exec Says Privacy Is Key to Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

| Daniel Kuhn

"Enterprises will not go on to the public mainnet without privacy and security," EY's Paul Brody told CoinDesk.

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Kaleido’s Enterprise Clients Can Now Transfer Tokens In Complete Privacy

| Daniel Kuhn

Enterprise blockchain firms using Kaleido's platform will now be able to transact privately with one another.

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ING Bank Is Bringing Bitcoin ‘Bulletproofs’ to Private Blockchains

| Ian Allison

ING’s blockchain team is testing privacy tech called "bulletproofs," the latest in a series of such experiments at the global bank.

ConsenSys Targets Crypto Privacy and Adoption With New Investments

| Yogita Khatri

ConsenSys Ventures has invested $1.15 million in blockchain privacy startup Ligero and an undisclosed amount in crypto exchange PDAX.

JP Morgan Is Quietly Testing Cutting-Edge Ethereum Privacy Tech

| Ian Allison

Fresh off its big reveal of JPM Coin, the megabank is quietly testing a cutting-edge form of ethereum privacy tech.

EY Reveals Zero-Knowledge Proof Privacy Solution for Ethereum

| Yogita Khatri

EY has announced a prototype that uses zero-knowledge proofs to allow companies to create ethereum tokens while keeping transaction private.

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ING Bank Launches Zero-Knowledge Tech for Blockchain Privacy

| Ian Allison

ING Bank has continued further down the road of advanced blockchain privacy with the release of its Zero-Knowledge Set Membership (ZKSM) solution.

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Not Sold On Blockchains for Business? Just You Wait

| Paul Brody

The seemingly banal enterprise applications for blockchain we're seeing, like food traceability, are actually a big deal and worth celebrating.

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Banking Giant ING Is Quietly Becoming a Serious Blockchain Innovator

| Ian Allison

Dutch bank ING, which made a splash last year with a modification to zero-knowledge proofs, is adding another innovative wrinkle to privacy in DLT.

There’s A Facebook Alternative, It’s Called Self-Sovereign Identity

| Kaliya Young

The answer to Facebook's fiasco isn’t a new platform. It’s an open standards-based infrastructure that centers on people and fosters a new…