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The New Effort to Get Bitcoin’s Lightning Network In Every Browser

| Alyssa Hertig

Devs are looking to make bitcoin's layer-two lightning network compatible with a payment standard used by all major browsers – and so far, so good.

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W3C Vets Forego ICO for Government-Friendly Blockchain Launch

| Bailey Reutzel

A team of open-source payments veterans is looking to launch a new identity blockchain, one that won't run afoul of government favor.

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Bitcoin in the Browser: Google, Apple and More Adopting Crypto-Ready API

| Michael del Castillo

With the help of Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple, the W3C is deploying a browser API that could extend cryptocurrency's payments potential.


At W3C Event, Industry Seeks to Weave Blockchains into New Web

| Bailey Reutzel

A recent W3C event saw the wider blockchain community coming together to discuss standards in an increasingly fragmented market.

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Bitcoin’s Messy Push for Innovation is Winning Over Payments Developers

| Bailey Reutzel

Despite criticism of bitcoin's approach to payments innovation, its development process may have advantages over existing methods, observers argue.

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Bitcoin Earns Reputation for Poor Payments Standards Participation

| Bailey Reutzel

Bailey Reutzel examines how the bitcoin community's reluctant to engage over standards could harm the digital currency in the long term.

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W3C’s Web Payments Redesign Could Bypass Bitcoin

| Pete Rizzo

One of the web's foundational groups is re-examining online payments, but bitcoin is only just entering the conversation.