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Bitcoin Price Could End Day With Tightest Trading Range of 2018

| Omkar Godbole

Bitcoin's daily price volatility has hit an 11-month low, opening doors for a big move, possibly on the higher side.

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Daily Volatility Decline? Bitcoin Has Seen $1K Range 43 Times In 2018

| Omkar Godbole

Bitcoin's price may be quiet at the moment, but data through April shows it's certainly been one volatile start to 2018.

CFTC Chair: ‘We’re Used To’ Volatile Assets Like Bitcoin

| Stan Higgins

As might be expected, Tuesday's Senate hearing touched on cryptocurrencies' volatility. But the head of the CFTC put the matter in perspective.

What the Data Tells Us About Bitcoin in 2017

| Jameson Lopp

Statistics show bitcoin is at the forefront of an increasingly complex ecosystem that continues to grow in a variety of ways. And it refuses to die.

Volatility: A Necessary Ingredient for Monetary and Social Transition

| Farzam Ehsani

Cryptocurrency volatility isn't just here to stay, it's heralding the chaotic change of the blockchain future yet to come.

Online Bank Swissquote Launches Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Product

| Sujha Sundararajan

Online banking service Swissquote has launched a bitcoin exchange-traded certificate that it claims will curb the cryptocurrency's volatility.

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ICOs: Why There’s More Than One Way

| Pascal Leblanc

EY's Pascal Leblanc discusses an alternative approach to ICOs, putting forth a new model aimed to mitigate the price volatility of tokens.

How Cashaa Exploits Bitcoin Price Differentials for Remittances

| Sid Kalla

Who said bitcoin's volatility is bad? A new remittance service is showing how price differentials could power cheap money transfers.

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Litecoin Price Nears Two-Year High As SegWit Hopes Rise

| Charles Bovaird

Litecoin's price rally continues as the cryptocurrency approaches the support needed to activate SegWit.

Bitcoin Options Firm LedgerX Crosses Key Launch Hurdle

| Michael del Castillo

Thanks to a recent venture capital infusion, bitcoin swaps firm LedgerX is closer to final approval from the CFTC to open for business.