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Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson: Bitcoin is Working

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson says bitcoin is already a functional currency – one that has spawned a growing industry.

Garzik Announces Partnership to Launch Bitcoin Satellites in Space

| Daniel Cawrey

The non-profit endeavor plans to have a backup node in space in case the Bitcoin network fails.

Winklevoss Virgin Galactic

Winklevoss Twins Buy Virgin Galactic Tickets With Bitcoin

| Danny Bradbury

The Winklevoss twins are to climb aboard Virgin Galactic's spaceship – and they paid for their tickets in bitcoin.


Richard Branson: 6 Bitcoin Customers Confirmed for Virgin Space Filght

| Emily Spaven

Richard Branson revealed that a handful of people have paid in bitcoin for their flight on Virgin Galactic's spaceship.

The Best Real-World Bitcoin Merchant Pioneers of This Year

| Jon Southurst

We salute the pioneers who blazed a trail for bitcoin and promoted its use around the world in 2013.

Bitcoin price is now $1,000

Bitcoin Price Hits $1,000 After Doubling in 7 Days. What Next?

| Garrick Hileman

Today bitcoin reached a whole new milestone, with the price of bitcoin on Mt. Gox reaching $1,000.

Virgin Galactic accepts bitcoin

Virgin Galactic Accepts Bitcoin for Space Travel, says Sir Richard Branson

| Emily Spaven

Sir Richard Branson has revealed that his commercial space flight venture Virgin Galactic is to accept payment in bitcoins.