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Civic Inks Deal to Bring Blockchain ID to 1,000 Vending Machines

| Brady Dale

After demoing a beer vending machine at SXSW, Civic is announcing a blockchain identity deal with 12 suppliers in the automated retail space.

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Civic to Spend $43 Million In Tokens to Boost User Numbers

| Brady Dale

Civic needs a network of users, so it's offering free KYC for business partners and funding the effort with its reserve of tokens.

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Civic Is Turning Into a Crypto-Powered Personal Data Market

| Brady Dale

Civic secures a high-quality URL from a longstanding internet company, raising the profile of the whole blockchain industry.

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Civic’s ICO Sells Out Before Sale, But Crowd to Get Second Chance

| Pete Rizzo

Decentralized identity startup Civic has already sold out of its planned token offering – even before the sale took place.

Skeptical of ICOs? Investor Vinny Lingham Can Change Your Mind With a Marker

| Pete Rizzo

The blockchain startup launched by Gyft founder Vinny Lingham is planning to launch an ICO.

Entrepreneur Vinny Lingham to Announce ICO at Consensus 2017

| Pete Rizzo

The CEO of blockchain identity platform Civic is expected to announce a forthcoming token sale today.

Anonymous Login? Civic Goes Live With Blockchain Authentication Service

| Pete Rizzo

Vinny Lingham launched a new product at Consensus 2017 today – unveiling the second service for his blockchain ID startup Civic.

How South Africa’s ‘Shark Tank’ Saw its First Bitcoin Investment

| Corin Faife

Bitcoin made an unexpected appearance on an episode of the popular TV series "Shark Tank" this week.

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2016 Has Brought a Bitcoin Awakening

| Vinny Lingham

In this opinion piece, investor and Civic founder Vinny Lingham offers a bullish outlook for bitcoin, reversing his predictions from two years ago.

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Vinny Lingham Leaves Gyft, Raises $2.75 Million for Identity Startup

| Pete Rizzo

The former CEO of bitcoin gift card service Gyft, has announced that his latest startup venture, Civic, has received $2.75m in funding.