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Vermont State Government Launching Blockchain Insurance Pilot

| Yogita Khatri

The U.S. state of Vermont is launching a blockchain pilot project for insurers, seeking transparency and efficiency improvements.

Vermont Regulators Hit ICO With Cease-and-Desist Notice

| Stan Higgins

A company behind an ongoing initial coin offering (ICO) has been issued a cease-and-desist notice from the U.S. state of Vermont.


Vermont Governor Signs Bill Clearing Way for Blockchain Companies

| Stan Higgins

Vermont's governor has signed a bill allowing for the creation of so-called "blockchain-based limited liability corporations," public records show.

Vermont City Pilots Land Registry Record With Blockchain Startup

| Nikhilesh De

The City of South Burlington in Vermont is partnering with a blockchain startup to pilot a land registry ledger based on the tech.


Vermont Could Collect Taxes in Crypto Under Proposed Law

| Stan Higgins

A state legislator in Vermont has proposed a bill to create a regulatory framework for blockchain tech, including a transaction tax payable in crypto.

Vermont Approves Blockchain Impact Study

| Stan Higgins

The governor of Vermont has signed a bill that mandates a study on how blockchain tech will impact the state.

Vermont Lawmakers Eye Jobs, Tax Revenue in Blockchain Push

| Stan Higgins

Vermont is close to approving a study of how blockchain could help the state attract jobs – and the tax revenue that comes with them.

Vermont Law Adds Bitcoin as ‘Permissible Investment’ for MSBs

| Stan Higgins

Vermont has passed a new bill that tweaks state law to account for digital currencies.

Vermont is Close to Passing a Law That Would Make Blockchain Records Admissible in Court

| Stan Higgins

An economic development bill in Vermont includes language that makes blockchain data a form of admissible court evidence.


Vermont Says Blockchain Record-Keeping System Too Costly

| Stan Higgins

The cost of using the blockchain for a public records system would outweigh any benefits, a report prepared for Vermont’s legislature concludes.