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Montana Passes Bill to Exempt Utility Tokens From Securities Laws

| Daniel Palmer

"Big Sky Country" has gone crypto friendly, with new legislation exempting utility tokens from securities laws.


A Blueprint for Reforming the Crypto Token Market

| Michael J Casey

The Token Alliance, a Chamber of Digital Commerce initiative, has laid out guidelines for how token sponsors and regulators can meet in the middle.

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Regulators Are Slowly Starting to Get It: Utility Tokens Are Real

| Michael J Casey

Regulators are doing their homework and recognizing there's at least potentially something different going on here from what they're used to seeing.

A Ray of Hope for Utility Tokens

| Caitlin Long, Lewis Cohen, Andrea Tinianow and Rich Slater

Wyoming’s utility token bill, if enacted, is likely to be influential beyond its borders, as a model for other states and for the federal…

Wyoming State House

Wyoming House Approves Utility Token Securities Exemptions Bill

| Nikhilesh De

The Wyoming House of Representatives has unanimously passed a bill exempting some utility tokens from securities regulations.

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No, Not All ICOs Are Securities

| Paul Paray

A recent op-ed paints all ICOs with the same brush, claiming every one of them offers securities subject to SEC scrutiny. That is simply not the…

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How to Help ICOs Go Legit

| Julio Faura

Speculation on utility is a bad idea, but ICOs can be an appealing alternative to venture capital, argues the head of blockchain R&D at Santander.

The Periodic Table of Blockchain

| Pavel Kravchenko

Defining criteria for digital asset will move forward the whole industry and simplify the jobs of investors and regulators, says Pavel Kravchenko.  …

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Why São Paulo Wants to Pay for Infrastructure with Cryptocurrency

| Aaron Stanley

The Brazilian state wants to pay for feasibility studies with a token designed for the construction industry. Can such a coin achieve network effect?

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The Blockchain Token Velocity Problem

| Kyle Samani

Most utility tokens don’t provide a compelling reason for users to hold the token for more than a few seconds. And that's a problem for its value.