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WATCH: UNICEF’s Crypto Fund Plans to Pay for Internet in Public Schools

| Christine Kim

UNICEF and the ethereum community are teaming up to help wire up needy schools.

UNICEF Launches Cryptocurrency Fund to Back Open Source Technology

| Wolfie Zhao

UNICEF has launched a cryptocurrency fund in its aim to back open source technology for children and young people in the world.

‘Tackling Real World Issues’: Hackers at ETH New York Build Apps Geared Towards Social Change

| Christine Kim

A New York Blockchain Week ended last Friday we spent time at an ethereum hackathon where developers came together to build blockchain tools with…


UNICEF Explores Blockchain to Improve Internet for ‘Every School’ in Kyrgyzstan

| Christine Kim

International children's charity UNICEF is exploring how blockchain technology could be used to help connect local schools in Kyrgyzstan to the…

UNICEF Funds 6 Blockchain Startups to ‘Solve Global Challenges’

| Nikhilesh De

UNICEF is investing $100,000 in six blockchain startups to solve issues affecting developing economies.

UNICEF Is Mining Crypto to Raise Funds for Children

| Sujha Sundararajan

UNICEF Australia has launched a website that harness supporters' computers to raise donations via cryptocurrency mining.

UNICEF Wants to Fund Early Stage Blockchain Startups

| Sujha Sundararajan

The United Nations Children's Fund is seeking to invest in early stage blockchain startups with the potential to help people across the globe.


No Token Response: UNICEF Is Open to Doing Its Own ICO

| Michael del Castillo

A UNICEF ICO? The idea doesn't seem so far-fetched to those working at the United Nations programme, despite their humanitarian mandate.


UNICEF’s Venture Arm Trials Ethereum Smart Contracts

| Stan Higgins

The venture arm of the United Nation's Children's Fund (UNICEF) is expanding its exploration of blockchain to include ethereum.

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UNICEF Just Invested in its First Blockchain Startup

| Stan Higgins

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has invested in a South African blockchain startup as part of a broader technology innovation push.