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Former UBS Bankers Net $100 million to Build a Crypto Bank

| Wolfie Zhao

A Swiss startup launched by several former UBS bankers has raised $104 million in a bid to establish a regulated crypto-friendly bank.

UBS: Bitcoin Is Too ‘Unstable and Limited’ to Function as Money

| Muyao Shen

UBS doesn't believe bitcoin constitutes money or a viable asset class yet, but it could in the future.

UBS CEO: Blockchain Is ‘Almost a Must’ for Business

| Muyao Shen

The CEO of UBS Group AG endorsed blockchain technology in an interview, suggesting that it is "almost a must" for business.

UBS-Backed Blockchain Platform Completes Live Trade Transactions

| Wolfie Zhao

The Batavia blockchain trade finance platform has completed a pilot that conducted live cross-border transactions involving corporate clients.

UBS to Launch Live Ethereum Compliance Platform

| Michael del Castillo

Swiss banking giant UBS and a group of major banks plan to launch a live application later this month using the ethereum blockchain.

UBS Seeks IP Protection for Smart Contract Blockchain Validation

| Nikhilesh De

In a patent application released by the USPTO, money manager UBS indicated it was considering using smart contracts to validate transactions.

UBS CIO: We Aren’t Getting Involved With Bitcoin

| Nikhilesh De

UBS chief investment officer Mark Haefele says the world's largest money manager will not include bitcoin investments.

UBS Chief Economist Compares Bitcoin to Tulip Mania

| Nikhilesh De

UBS chief global economist Paul Donovan has compared bitcoin to the Netherland's 1600s tulip crisis, but noted he was a fan of blockchain technology.

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UBS CEO: Blockchain to Play ‘Big Role’ in Reshaping Industry

| Brady Dale

The CEO is the latest to raise doubts about cryptocurrency, which also banking on blockchain to make his business simpler and easier.

UBS Tells Clients How to Place Bets on Blockchain Tech

| Nikhilesh De

A new report from UBS says that firms and early adopters should be considered by investors hoping to ride the "blockchain wave"