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US Congressmen Introduce Two Bills to Prevent Crypto Price Manipulation

| Yogita Khatri

Two U.S. Congressmen have introduced bipartisan bills to prevent crypto price manipulation and boost acceptance of the tech.

US Lawmakers Push for ‘Blockchain’ Definition in New Congressional Bill

| Nikhilesh De

A bipartisan bill introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives this week proposes creating a "consensus-based definition of blockchain."

US Lawmakers ‘Strongly Urge’ IRS to Update Crypto Tax Guidance

| Nikhilesh De

U.S. lawmakers are calling on the Internal Revenue Service to provide clear guidance on how cryptocurrency-related taxes will be calculated.

Congress Is Now Holding Two Crypto Hearings This Wednesday

| Christine Kim

Congress is set to hold not one but two separate hearings related to cryptocurrencies on Wednesday.

Lawmakers to Discuss If Crypto Is ‘The Future of Money’ Next Week

| Christine Kim

The U.S. House Financial Services Committee will host a crypto hearing focused on its use as a form of money next week.

Congressional Bill Calls for Study of Crypto Use in Sex Trafficking

| Christine Kim

The House of Financial Services Committee is introducing a bill that would launch an investigation into how cryptocurrencies enable sex trafficking.

US Congressman: ‘Race to Regulate’ Won’t Solve Crypto Fraud

| Annaliese Milano

While fraud and 'bad actors' are a concern in the crypto industry, US Rep. Patrick McHenry says Congress should not rush to regulate.

Crypto Is a ‘Crock’? Twitter Reacts to House ICO Hearing

| Nikhilesh De and Annaliese Milano

Despite the overall measured tone of Wednesday's House ICO hearing, a couple lawmakers' comments set Twitter aflame.