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Overstock’s tZERO to Develop a Cobalt-Backed Token for Hong Kong Investor

| Anna Baydakova

The engagement could lead to the tokenization of up to $200 million worth of cobalt, which is used to make electric vehicle batteries, in 2019.

Overstock Venture Chief Expects Market for Blockchain Products in 2019

| Anna Baydakova

Overstock's blockchain arm, Medici Ventures, has big plans for 2019, as the e-commerce giant moves towards a February sale.

Fund Seeks $200 Million to Help Startups Survive a Crypto Winter

| Ian Allison

David Johnston’s new Yeoman’s Growth Capital will invest exclusively in live blockchain projects.

Overstock Blockchain Spin-Off Raises $134 Million – With Millions More Committed

| Stan Higgins and Nikhilesh De subsidiary tZero raised $134 million in its security token offering, the company said Thursday.

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Overstock’s tZero Wraps Up Months-Long Token Sale

| Nikhilesh De's token platform subsidiary tZero is officially closing its security token offering (STO) Monday night.

Overstock’s tZero Unveils Token Trading Platform Prototype

| Nikhilesh De

Overstock announced its prototype trading platform on Monday, saying the full product would launch in May.

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ICOs Iced: A 12-Month Freeze on US Token Trading May Just Be Beginning

| Brady Dale

The SEC's actions against U.S. ICOs appear to not only be discouraging innovation, they're leaving even experts confused about the state of play.

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Overstock Defends tZero ICO: SEC Subpoenaed ‘Everyone Else’

| Michael del Castillo

Overstock is pushing back against the idea an inquiry into its tZero ICO is part of a broader SEC effort to crackdown on poor industry practices.

Overstock: $250 Million tZero ICO Under SEC Review

| Michael del Castillo blockchain subsidiary tZero has made a sudden change to the way it is conducting a significant step in its ongoing ICO.

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Overstock Gets $100 Million from Soros Fund for Blockchain and More

| Michael del Castillo just got a fat chunk of change from a big-name investor, and CEO Patrick Byrne says much of it will fund the company's blockchain work.…