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Anti-Theft Bitcoin Tracking Proposals Divide Bitcoin Community

| Danny Bradbury

Should bitcoin transactions be marked to prove they didn't come from criminals? Should identities behind bitcoin addresses be verified?

Coinbase aims to be the Gmail of bitcoin

Coinbase aims to become the Gmail of bitcoin

| Danny Bradbury

Coinbase is like a bubble inside bitcoin, with extra, value-added features. But what about regulation?

Tradehill open to holding more auctions as it grapples with regulation

| Danny Bradbury

Bitcoin exchange Tradehill is open to holding more mining equipment auctions after its success with first-generation Avalon ASIC units.

Capital One closes company’s bank account over mere mention of bitcoin

| Emily Spaven

Capital One has closed a bank account belonging to a company merely because it sells bitcoin merchandise.

Tradehill halts bitcoin trading due to IAFCU “operational and regulatory issues”

| Emily Spaven

Tradehill's CEO has confirmed the bitcoin exchange platform has suspended trading due to issues with its bank.

Bitcoin startups panel 2

Coinapult, Bitstamp, LocalBitcoins, Tradehill and Kipochi discuss bitcoin growth #BTCLondon

| Elizabeth Machuca

Some of the rising stars of the bitcoin world that could boost bitcoin adoption in the next few months discussed successes and issues with theā€¦

bitcoin exchange chart

Fixing Bitcoin’s shaky exchange infrastructure

| Danny Bradbury

Do Bitcoin exchanges need to decentralise to survive - and if so, what will make the newcomers successful?