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Binance’s BNB Token Hits All-Time High in Bitcoin Value

| Sam Ouimet

BinanceCoin (BNB) has extended its recent gains to set a new all-time high in bitcoin-denominated value.

TCR Party: The #CryptoTwitter Popularity Contest Everyone’s Talking About

| Leigh Cuen

ConsenSys is experimenting with token models to see what could work for enterprise consulting clients.

Hardcore Early Adopters Are Dead-Set on Kik’s ICO

| Brady Dale

Wednesday in New York, Kik gathered up the strongest believers in its plan to create a new revenue model for services online using its kin token.

Wikipedia Rival Everipedia Plans Token Airdrop in June

| Nikhilesh De

Decentralized encyclopedia startup Everipedia announced it would airdrop its IQ tokens to members in June.

Crypto Exchange Bittrex Outlines Token Listing Criteria

| Nikhilesh De

Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has exclusively shared with CoinDesk its list of criteria for listing and delisting tokens on its platform.

Crypto Exchange Coincheck Abruptly Halts Withdrawals

| Wolfie Zhao

Major Japanese exchange Coincheck has announced the suspension of a number of services today, including all cryptocurrency withdrawals.

Huobi Is Launching a Token, But It’s ‘Not an ICO’

| Wolfie Zhao

China-based crypto exchange Huobi has announced that it will issue its own token based on the ethereum ERC-20 standard.

What a Facebook Blockchain Token Might Look Like

| Michael J Casey

If Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg really wants to experiment with decentralized systems, a publicly issued crypto-token would be hell of a way to do it.

Don’t HODL, BUIDL: How Blockchain Tech Will Add Value

| Ajit Tripathi

The question is what can we solve, enhance, or deliver that will make individuals or organizations produce more, be more efficient or enjoy life more?

Augur’s App Token Doubles in Price to Top $100

| Stan Higgins

The price of the digital token underlying Augur's ethereum-based prediction market has risen sharply in the past day, market data shows.