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Tim Draper Joins Board of EOS-Based Messaging Dapp MakeSense

| Daniel Kuhn

Silicon Valley notable Tim Draper has joined the board of MakeSense Labs, provider of a messaging app built on the EOS blockchain.


Tim Draper Is Bullish On Argentina’s Blockchain Tech Potential

| Diana Aguilar

Draper bet the Argentinian president that bitcoin would overtake the peso. Draper might be right.

I’m As Certain As Ever – Bitcoin’s Revolution Is Only Just Beginning

| Tim Draper

I’ve been through the ups and downs with bitcoin, and I am as certain as ever that the bitcoin revolution is coming, says Tim Draper.

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Tim Draper Invests $1.25 Million in Bitcoin Payments Processor OpenNode

| Yogita Khatri

U.S.-based venture capitalist Tim Draper has invested $1.25 million in OpenNode, a bitcoin-only payments processing startup.


Down Not Out: Revived Tezos Team Predicts Mega-ICO Will Launch In 2018

| Brady Dale

In his first interview since taking over the Tezos Foundation, chair Ryan Jesperson is looking toward the launch of its much-hyped new blockchain.

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Investor Tim Draper Calls on SEC to ‘Grandfather’ ICOs Into Compliance

| Pete Rizzo

Investor Tim Draper penned an open letter to the SEC today asking for the agency to carve-out exemptions for certain ICOs.

Should I Do It? 30,000 Bitcoins and One Big Auction

| Adam Draper

Investor Adam Draper recounts the day the US government sold 30,000 bitcoins at auction – and his father won.

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Tim Draper Leads $4.2 Million Series A for Blockchain Startup Factom

| Michael del Castillo

Blockchain startup Factom has raised a $4.2m in new funding as part of a newly announced Series A.

Investor Tim Draper is Still Buying Bitcoin and Now Owns Ether

| Pete Rizzo

Two years after buying roughly 30,000 BTC, investor Tim Draper is still passionate about the technology as well as competing blockchain offerings.

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Bitcoin Payroll Startup Bitwage Raises $760k

| Stan Higgins

Bitcoin payroll startup Bitwage has wrapped up a period of fundraising during which it brought in a total of $760,000.