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At Devcon, Bitcoin Developer Amir Taaki Foresees a ‘DarkTech Renaissance’

| Christine Kim

"Why are we not thinking about how to create dark finance tools we can leverage against government bonds?"

All of It Dark, All of It P2P: After the Binance Hack, Bitcoin Doesn’t Cut It

| Amir Taaki

That Binance could have colluded with miners to roll back hack transactions means bitcoin is not resistant enough to censorship, says Amir Taaki.

This Binance Labs-Backed Crypto Startup Wants to Anonymize Everything

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Nym Technologies, a stealth startup sporting a roster of privacy activists and cryptography experts, plans "to anonymize the world."

Defending Decentralization, Like a Twice in a Millennium Chance

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

During the Web3 Summit earlier this week, speakers and attendees struck an optimistic tone, even though the challenges for blockchain are great.

A War-Torn Country in Syria Will Use Crypto to Power an Anarchist State

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

A region in Northern Syria called Rojava is looking to use cryptocurrency to overcome economic sanctions and even redesign its society.

Code as a Weapon: Amir Taaki Wants You to Join the Real Crypto Revolution

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Infamous developer Amir Taaki believes bitcoin's potential is exhausted, but he's not giving up the fight to change the world with cryptocurrency.

Code Is Speech: Amir Taaki on Crypto’s Debt to Phil Zimmerman

| Amir Taaki

Fresh from meeting legendary cryptographer Phil Zimmermann, hacktivist and early bitcoin adopter Amir Taaki reflects on the PGP inventor's legacy.

Amir Taaki

Radical Academy: Amir Taaki’s New Hacker Team Is Spreading Bitcoin in Syria

| Michael del Castillo

Back from the front lines of Syria, infamous bitcoiner Amir Taaki plans a bitcoin-based economy in the war-torn nation, and he's looking for help.


Meet Darkleaks, a Bitcoin-Powered Black Market for Secrets

| Grace Caffyn

Darkleaks will let users sell leaked data in an anonymous, trustless environment powered by bitcoin's blockchain.

All Things Alt: Max Keiser Talks Altcoins, Investment and Political Disruption

| Stan Higgins

Max Keiser discusses maxcoin and alternative digital currencies in general, while a new coin commemorates a recent political downfall.