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Payment Processor Stripe to End Support for Bitcoin

| Nikhilesh De

Payments processor Stripe announced it would end support for bitcoin in April, citing rising transaction costs and times as two reasons for the move.


Payment Processor Stripe Goes Live With Bitcoin Integration

| Stan Higgins

San Francisco-based payments company Stripe has officially launched its bitcoin payments integration following months of beta testing.


‘Bad Blood’ Between Ripple and Stellar Aired in Tell-All Report

| Pete Rizzo

The New York Observer has published an article examining the turbulent history of decentralized payment startups Ripple Labs and Stellar.

Stripe front page

Stripe Updates Bitcoin Payments Advice, Will Go Live in January

| Jon Southurst

Online payment solutions company Stripe's bitcoin service will come out of beta in January, the company has advised.

Stripe: Bitcoin Has Future in Global Payments if Issues Solved

| Daniel Cawrey

The payments processor examined bitcoin and weighed its potential impact on the world's payment network.

Bitfin Day Two: We Need More Global, Organised Bitcoin Education

| Emily Spaven

The Dublin conference closed with talks on furthering bitcoin evolution by innovating the education and banking systems.

Greg Brockman, Stripe CTO

Stripe CTO: Bitcoin Could Unify the World’s Financial Systems

| Daniel Palmer

Greg Brockman told CoinDesk that rather than replacing the existing financial infrastructure, cryptocurrencies hold promise as a unifying technology.

‘Stripe’ Lead Engineer: Bitcoin is a Long-Term Investment

| Pete Rizzo

Stripe lead engineer Christian Anderson provides an inside look at the online payments company's bitcoin plans.

Online Payments Provider ‘Stripe’ Now Testing Bitcoin Support

| Pete Rizzo

Stripe is now testing bitcoin payment support with one merchant, but has opened enrollment to more.