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Steemit to Automate Development Funding With New DAO

| Daniel Palmer

The blockchain project that focuses on monetizing social media sites is launching a DAO in its coming hard fork upgrade.

Steemit Lays Off 70% of Its Staff, Citing Crypto Bear Market

| Christine Kim

"We've been forced to lay off more than 70% of our organization and begin a restructuring," says Steemit founder Ned Scott.

I Can’t Believe This Blockchain Is Free

| Michael J Casey

At the very least, a blockchain mindset can help you call social media giants' bluff when they tell you that their services are "free."

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Blockchains Alone Won’t Fix the Facebook Problem

| Michael J Casey

The root problem of social media is centralization of control over data. The ideas that underpin blockchain tech offer glimpses of a path forward.

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EOS: Unpacking the Big Promises Behind a Possible Blockchain Contender

| Aaron Stanley

Dan Larimer says his new project has an infinitely scalable blockchain, but skeptics doubt the controversial figure's ability to pull it off.

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I Want the Truth: Could Blockchain Stop Online News Distortion?

| Bailey Reutzel

As backlash against fake news continues, CoinDesk's Bailey Reutzel explores how blockchain solutions could play a role in promoting the truth.

Steemit’s First ‘Fest’ Reveals the Power of Blockchain Community

| William Mougayar

Steem's global community came together for SteemFest – a two-day conference in Amsterdam event this month.

Steemit Bridges Blockchain and Social Media, But How Does It Work?

| Jacob Donnelly

In this piece, CoinDesk explores Steemit, a social media blockchain that rewards users for creating and voting on content.

New Digital Currency Steem Provokes Doubt of Market Observers

| Charles Bovaird

While steemit has become the third-largest digital currency by market cap, some market observers have expressed doubts about its sustainability.