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CoinDesk Releases Q2 2018 State of Blockchain Report

| Nolan Bauerle and Peter Ryan

To use crypto parlance, Q2 was a painful time if you were HODLing – but a productive one if you were BUIDLing, our quarterly research report shows.

CoinDesk Releases Q1 2018 State of Blockchain Report

| Peter Ryan

From bitcoin futures' impact on spot prices to the rise in hash rate and drop in fees, our latest research report sheds light on a tumultuous Q1.

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CoinDesk Releases 2018 Blockchain Industry Report

| Nolan Bauerle and Peter Ryan

Credit card-driven crypto buying is rare, and ICOs pale compared to airdrops and chain forks. Find these and other insights in our quarterly report.

Bull Run or Just Bull? Take CoinDesk’s State of Blockchain Sentiment Survey

| Nolan Bauerle

Do you care about prices? Which innovations have you most excited? If you've strong opinions on the state of the industry, make your voice heard.

CoinDesk Releases Q3 Bitcoin and Blockchain Industry Report

| Nolan Bauerle

CoinDesk has released its latest quarterly report chronicling trends and data in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector.

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State of Blockchain Survey: Was Q3 a Mainstream Breakthrough?

| Nolan Bauerle

Was Q3 the biggest-ever for blockchain? Share your thoughts on bitcoin, ICOs and more for our upcoming State of Blockchain survey.

Historic Quarter: CoinDesk Launches Q2 State of Blockchain Report

| Nolan Bauerle

CoinDesk is releasing its latest State of Blockchain report, one that retraces what was a historic quarter for the emerging industry.

State of Blockchain Survey: The Future of Bitcoin, Ethereum and ICOs

| Alex Sunnarborg

Tell CoinDesk what you think about the industry and help provide valuable data for the State of Blockchain Q2 2017 report.

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Survey: Enthusiasm for Ethereum Hit an All-Time High in Q1

| Alex Sunnarborg

CoinDesk highlights the results of a survey it conducted in Q1 on the state of the ethereum protocol and its sentiment among users.

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3 Signs the Cryptocurrency Exchange Market Is Maturing

| Alex Sunnarborg

CoinDesk Research looks at the major shifts in the composition of bitcoin, ethereum and other exchange traded volume in Q1 and the weeks since.