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China Poised to Form Blockchain Standards Committee This Year

| Chuan Tian

China expects to form its national blockchain standards committee by the end of 2018, according to an IT ministry official.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Unveils Common Blockchain Standards

| Stan Higgins

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance announced the release of a common technical specification at Consensus 2018 on Wednesday.

Researchers to Create ‘Moody’s for Blockchain’ Global Rankings

| Wolfie Zhao

A scientific institution overseen by China has announced that it will produce monthly assessments of blockchain projects.

China IT Ministry to Create Official Blockchain Standards

| Wolfie Zhao

China's information and technology ministry aims to establish a standards committee to boost the development of blockchain in the country.

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Crypto Collectables? Ethereum’s Next Killer App Is on Its Way

| Alyssa Hertig

The rise of CryptoKitties has called attention to ERC-721, an ethereum technical standard that could start a blockchain-based collectibles rush.

New Self-Regulatory Body Aims to Develop ICO Standards

| Sujha Sundararajan

Blockchain platform Waves is founding a self-regulatory body to set standards for initial coin offerings and the blockchain industry.

New Alliance Sets Out to Boost Blockchain Interoperability

| Stan Higgins

The companies behind three blockchain platforms have unveiled a new advocacy group focusing on interoperability between disparate networks.

Here’s What’s Standing in the Way of a Tokenized Economy

| Pavel Kravchenko

The challenges of digital identity, AML/KYC and common technical standards must be overcome to deliver on the promise of blockchain technology.

RAND Report: Timing Essential for Blockchain Standards

| Brady Dale

The European wing of the RAND Corporation, a US think tank, has argued for a slow-and-steady process for developing possible blockchain standards.

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Too Easy? Critics Take Aim at Ethereum Token Standard Amid ICO Boom

| Amy Castor

Ethereum's token standard started with good intentions, but as ICO fever takes hold, some wonder if it's now too easy to raise funds.