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MakerDAO Votes to Increase Fees 4% on Ethereum Stablecoin DAI

| Christine Kim

Users of the dollar-backed stablecoin DAI have staked MakerDAO governance tokens in favor of supporting a 4 percent raise to stablecoin fees.

Facebook Seeks Counsel to Forge Blockchain Partnerships for New Products

| Anna Baydakova

Facebook is looking to hire a lead commercial counsel for blockchain to negotiate "partnerships needed to launch new products."

IBM Signs 6 Banks to Issue Stablecoins and Use Stellar’s XLM Cryptocurrency

| Ian Allison

Six banks have signed up to issue stablecoins through World Wire, an IBM network built on the Stellar blockchain.

maker, dao

MakerDAO Weighs Fourth Fee Hike as DAI Stablecoin Remains Below $1

| Christine Kim

MakerDAO token holders could soon be voting on another proposal to increase fees on the loans that issue new holdings of the stablecoin DAI.

Tether Says Its USDT Stablecoin May Not Be Backed By Fiat Alone

| Yogita Khatri

Tether has updated the terms on its website, saying that its dollar-pegged USDT stablecoin may not be backed 100 percent by fiat reserves.

‘Facebook Coin’ Could Generate Billions in Revenue: Barclays Analyst

| Zack Seward

A note from Barclays analyst Ross Sandler sketches out how much Facebook might gain from developing its own cryptocurrency.

jp morgan, coins

JP Morgan’s Stablecoin: A Feat of Engineering or Marketing?

| Ben Jessel

Upon first examination, JPM coin is an exciting Wall Street development, but the reality is more complicated, writes Kadena's Ben Jessel.

MakerDAO Token Holders Approve Fee Increase for Ethereum Stablecoin

| Christine Kim

Votes have been cast in overwhelming support of increasing borrowing fees to the dollar-backed stablecoin dai.

maker, dao

MakerDAO Opens Token Holder Vote on Fee Hike for Ethereum Stablecoin

| Leigh Cuen

With the DAI's dollar-peg "almost at a breaking point," governance token holders are considering whether to raise the "Dai Stability Fee."

TrueUSD Stablecoin to Add ‘Real Time’ Monitoring of Dollar Backing

| Daniel Palmer

TrustToken has announced a new partnership that it says will allow a "real-time" view of the U.S. dollars backing its TrueUSD token.