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French Central Bank Job Posting Reveals Digital Currency Program

| Nathan DiCamillo

Banque de France is seeking a blockchain analyst who will help the bank define a program for implementing digital currency.

MakerDAO Proposes New DAI Ceiling After Hitting $100 Million Cap

| Leigh Cuen

MakerDAO loans now hold more than $339 million worth of ether. With the launch of multi-collateral DAI set for later this month, what comes next?

hong kong, asia

Global Crypto Framework Needed to Stop ‘Regulatory Arbitrage,’ Watchdog Warns

| Danny Nelson

Hong Kong’s securities regulator says the world needs a united response to stablecoins like Libra to avoid firms setting up in laxer jurisdictions.

Tradewind, Canadian Mint to Verify Origins of Precious Metals on Blockchain

| Nathan DiCamillo

Tradewind Markets is tracking the geography, name and standards of mines that produce precious metals for the Royal Canadian Mint.

Former Fed Nominee Stephen Moore Backs Fractional Reserve Stablecoin

| Danny Nelson

Stephen Moore, whose failed bid to join the Fed imploded within months, has a new plan to disrupt global finance: a fractional reserved-backed…

Fearing USD Decline, Ex-CFTC Heads Propose a Blockchain-Based Digital Dollar

| Daniel Kuhn

Two former ranking members of the CFTC offered up a plan for a government-sanctioned, blockchain-based digital dollar.

Tether Ordered to Freeze Transfers to Bitfinex by New York Supreme Court

| Nikhilesh De

A New York Supreme Court judge ordered stablecoin issuer Tether to refrain from loaning any funds to Bitfinex or other parties during an ongoing…

Ethereum Stablecoin DAI Is Trending Towards Its Highly Sought Dollar Value

| Christine Kim

After four months, the ethereum-based stablecoin DAI looks to be maintaining a steady dollar valuation.

pennies, change

MakerDAO to Increase Fees Above 10% in Bid to Stabilize DAI Stablecoin

| Christine Kim

MakerDAO appears set to approve a fifth fee increase that would further raise the cost of platform's US dollar-backed stablecoin DAI.

Binance Pauses Tether Withdrawals After Denying Delist Rumor

| Nikhilesh De and David Floyd

Binance suspended tether withdrawals Monday after pushing back against rumors that the exchange would delist the stablecoin.