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Amid Chaos, Our Decentralized Future Is Being Built

| Michael J Casey

Blockchain can upend – not just the business models of recent decades – but a millennia-old societal practice of deep significance to…

Warning: Blockchain Could Rot Your Brain

| Alice Ko

As we move toward trusting everything recorded in a blockchain, consider the societal impact, e.g. on our ability to think critically and skeptically.

Just Because It’s Bad for Your Coin Doesn’t Mean It’s FUD

| Marc Hochstein

Not all unwelcome tidings can be dismissed as attempts to sow "fear, uncertainty and doubt," and shooting the messenger won't make the message untrue.

Blockchain Brain Drain Is About More Than Money

| Sandra Ro

The next-generation of financial technologists will want more from corporations and businesses, argues ex-CME digitization lead Sandra Ro.

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You Want Democracy? Try a Hard Fork

| Taylor Pearson

The mere option of forking not only empowers cryptocurrency users when they leave a project, but also when they stay, writes Taylor Pearson.

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Welcome to Bitcoin Country: Silk Road and the Lost Threads of Agorism

| Dr Paul Ennis

Silk Road and black markets? University of Dublin's Paul Ennis takes a dive into the kinds of sub-cultures bitcoin and cryptocurrencies enable.

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Tokens for Climate Change? How We Can Rise Above ICO Mania

| Michael J Casey

Tokens for climate change? CoinDesk advisor Michael Casey argues it's a question worth taking seriously.

Crypto Utopia? Defining the Greater Good in a Blockchain World

| Cecile Baird_Simon Chan

Can this radical new technology, blockchain, create the underpinning of a safer, fairer and more prosperous society?

EU Parliament Report Explores Blockchain’s Social Impact

| Stan Higgins

A new paper from the research arm of the European Parliament examines the relationship between blockchain and a shift in Europe's social values.

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Bitcoin’s Unlimited Potential Lies in Its Apolitical Core

| Nozomi Hayase

As bitcoin descends into party politics, contributor Nozomi Hayase makes an appeal for the community to unite behind its original ideals.