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How Crypto Reacted to This Week’s SEC Bitcoin ETF Delay

| Muyao Shen

While the market didn't like the SEC's bitcoin ETF delay decision, observers on social media weren't surprised at all.

Mastercard Had An Outage, So Crypto Had a Field Day

| Madeline Meng Shi

Mastercard suffered an outage last week that led to a hold-up for some transactions – and crypto supporters on social media quickly pounced.

What Crypto Really Thinks About Litecoin’s Banking Ambitions

| Anna Baydakova

A much-talked-about deal between a cryptocurrency non-profit and a bank saw cheers and jeers this week, and all sorts of reactions in between.

Muh Monopoly! How a Banker’s Talk Sparked All Kinds of Crypto Mockery

| Anna Baydakova

The head of the Bank of International Settlements briefly became the butt of crypto Twitter trolling last week after issuing new comments on the tech.

Tether on Strings? Crypto Debates Fresh Round of Manipulation Claims

| Christine Kim

An investigative Bloomberg article raising concerns about market manipulation of tether on the Kraken exchange has sparked a social media firestorm.

Bitcoin’s Unknown ‘Kings’: The Magazine Mystery That’s Got Crypto Guessing

| Christine Kim

A recent magazine cover attracted international commentary. After all, it isn't every day that relative unknowns are touted as "Bitcoin Kings."

Love It or Hate It, Akon’s ‘Crypto Wakanda’ Is Coming

| Christine Kim

Akon is creating a new cryptocurrency founded to empower youth all over the African continent which has some hopeful and others skeptical.

But Why? Crypto Looks for Answers As Facebook Eases Ad Ban

| Christine Kim

Facebook recently announced they would lift a ban on crypto advertisements causing widespread speculation on social media over potential next steps.

FOMO for Dogecon: What You Missed At the Gathering of the ‘Shibes’

| Christine Kim

Dogecon, a conference about "the social layer of crypto culture", took place last weekend and people on social media have only good things to say.

21e800: Bitcoin, Satoshi and the Mystery Twitter Is Obsessing Over

| Christine Kim

The hash value of bitcoin block 528249 unlocked on Tuesday has the crypto community in wonder about the potential hidden meaning behind "21e800".