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Swiss Central Bank to Explore Use of Digital Franc in Settling Trades

| William Foxley

Switzerland’s central bank and the SIX stock exchange will study using a central bank digital currency to settle trades of tokenized assets.

Swiss SIX Exchange Launches Crypto ETP Denominated in Swiss Francs

| William Foxley

SIX has listed its latest crypto instrument, the Amun Bitcoin Suisse BTC/ETH exchange-traded product.

Swiss Stock Exchange SIX Lines up Buyers for ‘Initial Digital Offering’

| Ian Allison

Swiss stock exchange SIX's SDX blockchain platform has organized a consortium of institutions to back its "initial digital offering" set for mid-2020.

Swiss Stock Exchange SIX Launches Digital Assets Exchange Prototype

| Daniel Palmer

SIX has launched a pilot version of SDX, its exchange and central securities depository (CSD) for digital assets.

Head of SIX’s Digital Asset Exchange Quits Over Strategy Disagreement

| Daniel Palmer

Switzerland's SIX stock exchange has just lost a key executive in charge of its in-development digital assets exchange, SDX.

Switzerland’s SIX Stock Exchange Is Working on a Swiss Franc Stablecoin

| Ian Allison

SIX, the Swiss national stock exchange group, is working on creating its own stablecoin pegged to the Swiss franc.

Russia’s Central Depository to Launch Security Token Blockchain Next Month

| Ian Allison

Russia’s National Settlement Depository will launch its long-awaited digital asset ledger next month – 5,000 kilometers away from its Moscow HQ.

SIX Stock Exchange May Issue Its Own Token, Says Exec

| Yogita Khatri

Swiss stock exchange SIX could issue a token on its planned digital assets exchange in 2020, according to its head of securities and exchanges.

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XRP Exchange-Traded Product Goes Live on Swiss SIX Exchange

| Yogita Khatri

An exchange-traded product (ETP) tracking the price of the XRP cryptocurrency has gone live on Switzerland’s primary stock exchange SIX.

Swiss Exchange to List XRP Exchange-Traded Investment Product

| Wolfie Zhao

Swiss stock exchange SIX will soon list an XRP-based ETP from Amun AG, with other crypto products planned for later in 2019.