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Sierra Leone to Develop Blockchain-Based ID Platform With UN Partnership

| Aditi Hudli

Two UN entities are working with a tech startup to provide Sierra Leone a blockchain-based credit and identity platform for banking services.

The Sierra Leone Vote: What We Got Wrong

| CoinDesk

Recent media coverage overstated a blockchain startup's involvement in the Sierra Leone election. CoinDesk inadvertently contributed to the problem.

Sierra Leone elections

First Results of Sierra Leone’s Blockchain Vote Are In

| Michael del Castillo

The early returns of the first ever presidential election tracked on a blockchain are in, but some problems not even distributed ledgers can solve.

Sierra Leone, Agora elections

Sierra Leone Secretly Holds First Blockchain-Audited Presidential Vote

| Michael del Castillo

Sierra Leone has allowed blockchain tech in a presidential election for what appears to be the first time, marking a milestone in election technology.

Bitcoin campaign in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Group Continues Bitcoin Drive to Fight Ebola

| Jon Southurst

The Sierra Leone Liberty Group has used bitcoin donations to combt Ebola, but says the fight is not over.

Sierra Leone Group Diverts Bitcoin Campaign to Fight Ebola

| Jon Southurst

A bitcoin advocacy group in Sierra Leone is switching its focus to a more urgent problem: the Ebola virus.

Sierra Leone Fashion Company Brings Bitcoin to West Africa

| Tanaya Macheel

Ethical fashion accessories company Bureh is taking the first steps in creating a bitcoin economy for sub-Saharan Africa.